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New picture for the beginning of the year of the ox
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The years have changed again and again in spring. On the seventh day of the first lunar month, the first day of the working day after the Spring Festival, Chairwoman Yang Min and the senior executives of Hanking Group congratulated all employees on the New Year, wishing everyone progress in work, good health, learning new knowledge, and auspicious year of the Ox in the new year!



At the following Spring Festival group visit, Chairwoman Yang Min said: Last year, in the context of the rampant global new crown pneumonia epidemic, China's national economy bucked the trend and achieved remarkable results. Reflected in our company, the group’s mining, metallurgy, and precision bearing sectors have grown significantly, and the profits of listed companies have increased significantly; the state has continued to increase support for high-tech enterprises, and under the impetus of the government, it has continued to help companies solve financing problems. Wang Microelectronics laid the foundation for the full start of production.



Chairwoman Yang Min pointed out: In the course of nearly 30 years of development, Hanking Group has experienced many difficulties and obstacles, but they have been overcome and conquered by us. This is due to the strong support of the party and the government for the development of the non-public economy. The policy is due to the fact that we have selected the right development direction and built an excellent team with quality, willingness to endure hardships, and innovation. The corporate culture and fine style of Hanking Group accumulated over 30 years will lead us to create new performance in the new century.

We emphasize the importance of the company's "continuous creation of value", and at the same time put more emphasis on the importance of "continuous learning" for Hanking employees. The value created by an enterprise has not only economic value, but also social value, environmental value, talent value, and so on. No matter what "value" is, people have to create it. The improvement of everyone's professional knowledge is the foundation of continuous value creation. We have to adapt to the new situation of "digitalization", "intelligence" and "networking" in today's society, and continuously enrich and improve our workforce through various forms such as strengthening professional training, encouraging self-study, and recruiting university graduates from various disciplines. Knowledge level and knowledge structure.

Chairwoman Yang Min said: "Lohas" is a new healthy and sustainable lifestyle, the essence of which is happy work and happy life. We must attach importance to physical health and strengthen physical exercise. According to my personal experience of participating in regular exercise, strengthening physical exercise is very important to maintain physical health and vitality. Only by having a healthy body can I do a better career. The corporate culture and sports life organized by our group last year was very rich, and the employee basketball game was very good. This year, we will continue to hold various cultural and sports activities to create a good atmosphere for employees to participate in exercise and enrich the cultural and sports life of all employees.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized at the 2021 Spring Festival group visit: In Chinese culture, the cow is a symbol of hard work, dedication, forge ahead, and strength. People compare service to the people and selfless dedication to a bully, innovation and development and overcoming difficulties are likened to pioneers, and hard work, hardships and hard work are likened to old scalpers. On the way forward, we must vigorously carry forward the spirit of ruling cattle, pioneer cattle, and old scalpers. With the strength of being not afraid of hardship and able to endure hardships, we will continue to work hard and bravely for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and create in the new era. The new history is brilliant.

As General Secretary Xi said, in the Year of the Ox, we must continue to carry forward the spirit of "Ruzi Niu", "Pioneering Niu", and "Old Cattle", and do a good job in the start-up of microelectronics projects with soaring strength, and do a good job in mining and mining projects in Indonesia. Preparatory work for smelting construction, do a good job in domestic mining production and development, turn the five major industries of Hanking Group into five shining "Taurus", and make greater contributions to the country and society.

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Founded in 1992, Hanking Industrial Group Ltd. (Hanking Group) is the first private joint-venture enterprise in Fushun, Liaoning Province. It has grown into an international group that involves five major business sectors, including mining, metallurgy, commercial, precision bearings, and microelectromechanical sensors (MEMS).

China Hanking Holdings Limited (03788.HK), the mining sector of Hanking Group, was listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in September 2011. Hanking Group has accomplished its initial strategic layout of diversification of mining assets and internationalization of mine operations through successively acquiring a large laterite nickel-cobalt project in Indonesia and the Southern Cross gold mines in Western Australia.

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