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Cultivating opportunities and opening a new game-written on the occasion of New Year's Day in 2021
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Develop a new game

——Written on the occasion of New Year's Day in 2021


Yang Min, Chairwoman of Hanking Group

We are about to send away the unforgettable 2020 and usher in a vibrant 2021. At this beautiful moment of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, Hanking Group sincerely wishes its employees, their families, partners and friends from all walks of life at home and abroad good health and happiness.

What people will feel most in 2020 is the new crown epidemic that is ravaging the world. From the initial fear and confusion of the epidemic, to the bravery and tenacity of the heroes fighting the epidemic, to the control of the epidemic and the resumption of production, China has become the only major economy with positive growth in the global economy, demonstrating that the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core is in charge of the overall situation. The strong leadership of strategizing and strategizing embodies the tremendous superiority of the socialist system.

In 2020, Hanking Group will also work with the people across the country to actively assume corporate social responsibilities in the face of the epidemic. The entire group donated approximately RMB 10 million to help prevent and control the epidemic in China, and actively provide necessary resources for the group’s overseas employees and the communities where they are located. Epidemic prevention assistance. In accordance with the unified deployment of the central government, the Hanking Group has fully implemented epidemic prevention and control measures, effectively ensuring the health and life safety of employees and business partners at home and abroad, and also ensuring the smooth operation of production and operation activities in all business segments of the group.

The COVID-19 crisis has profoundly affected the world. In the face of major changes that have not been seen in a century, how to take advantage of the crisis and create new opportunities in the changes has become a topic that must be considered by the country and the enterprise. Hanking Group adheres to the concept of technological innovation and sustainable development, relying on forward-looking industrial layout, strategic asset portfolio, and continuous improvement of operational efficiency. The development of domestic and overseas business has shown strong resilience, and its development has been stable and improved throughout the year. , Delivered satisfactory answers for employees and shareholders.

Hanking's mining sector adheres to the business tenet of "safe mines, harmonious mines, and green mines", is committed to building automated and intelligent mines, continuously improving safety management, increasing investment in technological transformation, and reducing the impact of mining on the environment. The gross profit margin of the domestic iron ore business has continued to stabilize above 50%, and the competitive advantage and profitability have been further enhanced; the PGO gold mining project in the Australian gold mining business has passed the Australian government environmental assessment, and the total gold resources have reached 2.14 million ounces, and the project value is obvious Upgrade; Indonesia's nickel mining business has introduced a large international professional engineering company to carry out mining engineering services, and the mining and comprehensive operation capabilities have been greatly improved. The three-in-one digital management system of Shenyang, Jakarta, and Netcoma Park, which is being established, will overcome the obstacles of vast mountains and rivers and make information exchanges between the front and back more smooth. With the opening up of the domestic nickel-iron and stainless steel industrial chain in Indonesia and the rapid development of the new energy battery industry, the resource value of Hanking laterite nickel-cobalt ore will continue to be highlighted and will provide the industry with high-quality nickel and cobalt raw materials. Hanking smelting project cooperation It will also accelerate.

Hanking's metallurgical sector continues to maintain a market share of more than 50% in the domestic wind power industry. During the year, a new high-purity iron production project was acquired, and the production capacity was increased to 930,000 tons per year. It is expected that with the increase in production capacity and the country's strong support for the development of the wind power industry, the market share will further expand in the future, which will provide more high-quality raw materials for the clean energy industry.

Hanking's commercial sector, in the face of the impact of the epidemic, actively innovated and sought change. Under the huge impact of major domestic and international online e-commerce, it still maintained the continuous profitability and steady development of the two physical shopping malls in Fushun and Shenyang, and the results achieved are not easy. .

With its excellent product quality, Hanking's precision bearing segment has increased its production and sales despite the spread of the global epidemic. Its products have been exported to the European market, and its profitability has increased significantly.

In the Hanking microelectronics sector, led by technological innovation, the international R&D team has successively developed a number of advanced MEMS sensor chips and their system integration products used in 5G communications, artificial intelligence, biomedical and other fields, and added domestic patent applications this year. 30 items, a total of 62 domestic patent applications, 4 new domestic patent authorizations, and a total of 24 domestic patent authorizations. During the year, Hanking Microelectronics was listed on the "2020 EETimes Silicon 100 list (International Electronic Times Weekly Global Top 100 Semiconductor List)", and was selected as the world's most closely watched and most growing top 100 emerging semiconductor companies. The list is produced by fair and impartial voting by electronic engineers, senior analysts and semiconductor industry professionals around the world. The selection criteria comprehensively consider factors such as technology, industrial chain layout, expected market, investment scale, financial status, and corporate leadership level. One of the most watched technology awards in the global electronics and semiconductor industries. This award is considered a "weathervane" with great investment reference value. The companies on the list directly reflect the company's commercialization, technical capabilities, market influence and global industry status.

The era is great because of change, and enterprises are outstanding because of innovation. The epidemic has made us realize that technology and innovation can help us stabilize our position in this crisis. 5G, Internet of Things technology accelerates the connection between people and people, people and things, and ensures the connection between people and the world; the application of big data and data analysis makes the world clearer, allowing us to effectively use data to serve humanity; artificial intelligence and Machine learning is also helping business during the epidemic, making people's work and life more efficient, convenient and safer. As the earliest domestic enterprise to develop MEMS sensors, Hanking Microelectronics focuses on the design and mass production of micro-electromechanical MEMS sensor chips. It adopts the business model of "IDM+customized foundry" and provides one-stop solutions for MEMS chips, with a wide range of main products Applied in emerging fields such as 5G communications, Internet of Things, biomedical, intelligent industry, unmanned driving, artificial intelligence, etc., it can provide customers with more intelligent solutions, provide more intelligent products for human beings, and promote industrial development. Make people's lives better.

The epidemic has also made us realize that the environment on which mankind depends must be protected by us. Low-carbon development and boosting the development of new energy industries and clean energy industries are the general trends of future industrial and technological development. Since the beginning of this year, the rapid rise of the new energy vehicle industry and the rapid commercialization of electric vehicles and new energy batteries have once again proved people's desire for a clean, safe and green environment. At present, governments of all countries are accelerating the promotion of the Paris Agreement carbon emission target. The 2020 Central Economic Work Conference also emphasized that China should promptly formulate a carbon emission peaking action plan in 2030, do a good job in carbon neutrality and carbon peaking, and make green a new thing. The bright background of the development of the times.

Hanking Group has always insisted on being a responsible corporate citizen and building an environmentally friendly enterprise. Hanking Aoniu Iron Mine is the first batch of green mines in the country, and Maogong Iron Mine has also been rated as a national green mine; Hanking’s high-quality ductile iron occupies 50% of the national wind power market and has made positive contributions to the development of the wind power industry; The world-class laterite nickel-cobalt ore resources owned by the Hanking Indonesia project are the main raw materials for the ternary precursor of new energy vehicle batteries. The planned hydrometallurgical plant will make important contributions to the future development of the new energy battery industry.

Opportunity is vitality, that is, the first move, the first mover advantage; the new game is the rebirth, it is the new world, the new world. Only those who are unwilling to follow others will dare to be the first and strive to be the first; only those who are uneasy and unsatisfied with existing achievements will spit out the old and bring forth the new. We must have the strategic determination of "flight through chaos and calmly" and the strategic vision of "infinite scenery at dangerous peaks", closely follow the strategic theme of "going out to find resources and bringing in high-tech", and draw a blueprint to the end. Consistently grasp the implementation, turn our foresight into actual wealth, and make 2021 a new peak in the history of Hanking's development in the "post-epidemic" era.

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