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Majuncheng Iron Mine achieves a good start in the first month of the new year
2021/03/09 click:87

The years change, the old and the new, the Hanwang Majuncheng Iron Mine sings the new year's clarion call. After the good performance of the company in 2020, various indicators reached a new high in January and made a good start. In January 2021, the Majuncheng Iron Mine management team led the entire plant to work together to overcome the impact of the epidemic. The underground ore extraction and iron ore concentrate output exceeded the planned completion, and the iron ore concentrate output reached a record high, achieving both production and profit growth. The new year has had a good start.

Majuncheng Iron Mine has always adhered to the business philosophy of "safe mines, green mines, and harmonious mines", closely centered on the purpose of "safety is the foundation, output is the goal, and benefit is the fundamental", and takes multiple measures in management to create a sustainable development for the company. Good social and production environment. Since the beginning of the year, the mine has firmly grasped the two main lines of underground infrastructure and production, strengthened production organization, strengthened the coordination and cooperation of mining and dressing workshops, and adopted a series of supporting measures:

 1. Focus on strengthening the basic work of safety management. Firmly establish "red line awareness and bottom line thinking", and pay close attention to the implementation of safety responsibilities and the prevention of major accidents. Adopt comprehensive treatment measures of "prevention, blocking, drainage, drainage and interception", adhere to education and guidance, and combine on-site supervision to ensure foolproof, strengthen on-site inspections and accountability, solve the problem of pumice discharge in the tunneling face to the greatest extent, and improve safety in production The degree of security has laid a solid foundation for the smooth progress of mining and production.

 2. Tight production organization and management. While speeding up the progress of underground infrastructure construction and development projects, we will ensure that the mining volume meets the beneficiation production, and we will go forward together and make overall plans. In order to successfully complete various tasks, the mine plans ahead of time, combines its own production reality, decomposes the indicators layer by layer, and implements them to teams and individuals. According to the monthly plan, weekly and monthly summary analysis is carried out to solve the problems in production in time. The principle of "do today's affairs today, and never delay tomorrow", strengthen the coordination and cooperation of the various processes in the mining and selection workshops, and strictly implement the "mutual guarantee and joint guarantee" measures between the upper and lower processes, and the overall guarantee goal. Strengthen the supervision of each production site. The concentrator has strengthened the control of various process indicators, so that the concentrate grade reaches more than 67%, and the equipment operation rate reaches 96%.

 3. Strictly control costs and expenses to achieve cost reduction and efficiency enhancement. The company strengthened the cost control of the mining and selection workshops, and fully implemented the "daily cost statistics, weekly cost comparison, monthly cost analysis" and "machine cost, job cost, process cost" all-round co-management model, strictly controlled costs and expenses, and reduced non-compliance. For production expenditures, we will steadily promote the management of class composition, strictly abide by the budget quota line, and implement budget control and assessment. In the new year and new situation, the effective management and achievements of the management team of Marxton County have set a benchmark for the entire group of enterprises and boosted the confidence of the development of the group. I wish Majun Mining Co., Ltd. make persistent efforts, and under the guidance of the group's development strategic goals, centering on the concept of "production as the core and development as the guide", it will fully complete its operation and management goals for 2021.

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