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China Hanking Holdings Co., Ltd donates one million Chinese yuan to support the establishment of wind power project in remote areas of Tibet
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Fushun Hanking Direct Reduced Iron Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Hanking Holding Co., Ltd., donated 1 million yuan to support the 3 village of Duoqiong, Talma Township, Shenzha County, 5100 meters above sea level in the remote Shenzha County, Nagqu, Tibet. Power Generation Demonstration Project".

This distributed wind power generation project was initiated by the Liaoning Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, the ninth batch of Liaoning Provincial Aid Tibet Front Headquarters, and the CITIC Aid Tibet Task Force to jointly initiate a free aid to build a power supply project in remote areas of Nagqu, Tibet. After receiving the proposal from the Liaoning Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, Yang Jiye, chairwoman of China Hanking Holding Co., Ltd., quickly arranged his company, Fushun Hanking Direct Reduced Iron Co., Ltd. to donate one million to the project, together with several other private enterprises in Liaoning, a total of 400 Ten thousand cash guarantees that the project will start construction and put into use in a very short time, and participate in supporting the establishment of wind power projects in the backward areas of Tibet.。

On September 14, 2021, under the leadership of Cai Jingwei, Deputy Minister of the United Front Work Department of the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, a delegation of private entrepreneurs from Liaoning, including Yang Jiye, Chairwoman of Hanking Holdings, made a special trip to an altitude of 5,100 meters. Shenzha County, Talma Township, and Duoqiong 3 Villages participated in the "Wind Power Demonstration Project Completion Ceremony" aided by private enterprises in Liaoning. At the project completion ceremony, Yang Jiye spoke on behalf of private entrepreneurs in Liaoning. He said that supporting Tibet’s poverty alleviation is an important measure taken by the Liaoning Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce to implement the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government to support Tibet. It is the bounden duty of Liaoning private enterprises. Private entrepreneurs must resolutely listen to the party and follow the party. The healthy growth and rapid development of private enterprises in our country is precisely because the party and the state provide a good business environment and preferential policy support for the development of the private economy. Our private entrepreneurs in Liaoning must hold high the banner of patriotism, promote excellent entrepreneurial spirit, and actively contribute to the building of the Chinese nation community, carry forward the new glorious spirit of putting one as the first, constantly striving for self-improvement, and stopping at perfection, and be patriotic and dedicated. , A model of law-abiding operation, entrepreneurial innovation, and return to society.

The completion and commissioning of this wind power project completely ended the history of 50 local Tibetans and 238 Tibetan compatriots who had no stable power supply for a long time. The local Tibetans can watch TV and use washing machines while sitting at home. Stable electricity can also be used for animal husbandry production, which greatly improves the quality of life of Tibetan farmers and herdsmen in remote and backward areas in Tibet.

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